Grangewood Lodge Facilities

Welcome to Grangewood Lodge, where our facilities are designed not just to provide comfort but to instil a sense of home for our residents. From thoughtfully equipped rooms to innovative kitchen and laundry systems, we prioritise safety, comfort, and overall well-being.

Our rooms are designed to cater to the residents every need. They are fitted with an effective 24-hour call system, allowing residents to request assistance from any part of our home, even outside in our lush grounds or gardens. Each handset is detachable from the wall, offering freedom of movement for our residents. Additionally, we also provide special telephones for those with hearing difficulties.

Safety is paramount at Grangewood Lodge. Our facilities include a fully functional smoke detection system, and our staff are well-versed in fire procedures. Professional checks are conducted regularly to ensure the efficiency of our fire-fighting equipment, with compliance certificates issued accordingly. Regular fire drills and weekly tests further ensure the proper working of alarms and fire doors.

We also provide support facilities such as lifting facilities, raised toilet seats, and strategically placed hand/grab rails throughout the home. These thoughtful touches make life that bit easier for our residents. According to the preference of residents, both Argo baths and standard showers are available. Wheelchairs are also provided as needed.

The laundry at Grangewood Lodge is another testament to our commitment to hygiene and cleanliness. Unlike conventional systems, our laundry uses the latest JLA OTEX ozone system. This powerful system is recognised by the Department of Health as an effective measure against superbugs, capable of eliminating micro-organisms, bacteria, yeast, moulds, and even challenging viruses like MRSA and C Difficile on all wash cycles.

At Grangewood Lodge, every aspect of our facilities has been meticulously designed and maintained to create a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable living environment for all residents.

To find out more about our facilities get in touch with us email or call 01827 373 577

Grangewood Lodge Facilities